Sexual Harassment

Harassment at work – whether sexual, racial or religious harassment – can be intolerable, especially if it is perpetrated by your boss. Don’t worry. You can do something about it. Many forms of workplace harassment are illegal. You may be entitled to monetary compensation from a court of law. Navigating your way through the court system can be a daunting process with many pitfalls for the unwary.

You probably can’t do it without an experienced sexual harassment attorney. An attorney specializing in employee rights can fight for you. He can help you determine what legal course of action is right for you. He can seek a jury trial against your employer if necessary.

We recognize that, for many victims of workplace harassment, they are forced to abandon their employment or are fired for complaining about the harassment. For most of us, our job is our primary source income. That is why we charge nothing for most of our clients until the case is settled or won.


Our representation will cost you NOTHING immediately. In fact, you will only be asked to pay our attorneys fee if we are able to secure a verdict or settlement on your behalf.


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