Nonimmigrant Visas

Nonimmigrant visas are temporary visas that allow foreign nationals to enter the US for a specific purpose for a specific amount of time. It is important that you apply for the right type of visa otherwise you will not be able to accomplish your goals once you reach the United States. Since the 2001 terrorist attacks, the process for obtaining a nonimmigrant visa has become stricter and may take longer than before.

Visitor Visas

If you wish to visit family or friends, travel or conduct business temporarily in the US, then you should apply for a visitor’s visa with your local US embassy or consulate. The citizens of some countries may not require a visitor’s visa to travel to the US under the Visa Waiver Program.

Student Visas

Thousands of foreign students apply for and are granted visas to study in the United States every year. With increasing wait times and stricter requirements for receiving a student visa, it is important to complete the process correctly the first time.

Temporary Worker Visas

Foreign nationals seeking temporary employment in the US have several nonimmigrant visa choices. The US places caps on the number of nonimmigrant workers who can enter the country each year. The process for entering the US as a nonimmigrant worker is complex and should be initiated well in advance of the intended work start date.

Changing Visa Status

Each nonimmigrant visa is issued for a specific purpose and allows the visa holder to do things to accomplish that purpose. Sometimes, foreign nationals desire to change the purpose of their visit to the
United States, such as a pleasure traveler who decides to attend school.


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