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You’re a person … not just an employee. And you have rights. In the United States, all employees are covered by federal and state laws regulating compensation, hours, and other working conditions. And when employers violate these laws, they’re violating your rights and should be held accountable. Overtime is an important issue for California employers and employees. After all, with state law requiring that employees be compensated at time and a half (one and one half the standard hourly rate) for any hours worked over 8 hours a day or 40 hours per week, overtime pay can make a big difference in an employee’s paycheck — and their boss’s coffers. Unfortunately, some employers try to short-change employees by failing to properly calculate and pay overtime.

Though federal and state law exempt certain employees, such as administrators or managers, from overtime pay requirements, most workers in California must be paid overtime. If your employer tries to designate your job title as an exempted position in order to avoid paying overtime, or otherwise fails to compensate you for work you should be paid for, they should be taken to task by you, the wronged employee. Companies in violation of overtime laws may face hefty fines, civil or criminal lawsuits, and be required to pay back wages. If you’ve been denied your rightful pay by your employer, you have recourse. Fighting back not only teaches your employer a lesson, but can protect future employees by forcing your employer to act rightfully in the future. Failure to abide by employment laws is a serious offense and should be rooted out and punished. You may be worried about retaliation if you decide to file an employment-related lawsuit. But contrary to popular belief, it is against state and federal law to fire, harass or discriminate against an employee who files a grievance, complaint or employment-related lawsuit.

Minimum wage in California is $8.00 per hour
Overtime must equal the normal rate of pay plus 50% that rate of pay.
Overtime pay in the event of an employee working more than 40
hours during a work week Overtime pay in the event of working through meals, being “on call”, staying late even if it means not working the full time next week, taking work home, and working before starting time.
30 minute meal periods every 5 hours
10 minute rest period every 4 hours

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